To: Licensed Beverage Dealers of SD

From: Tim Dougherty

Date: January 18, 2014

Re: 2014 Legislative Session – Week 1


The first week of the 2014 South Dakota Legislative Session began on Tuesday, January 14. Governor Dennis Daugaard opened the 2014 Session with the State-of-the-State Address. The Governor talked about his proposals to increase funding for career and technical education, encourage more doctors and nurses to practice in rural areas, recruit new workers to the state, strengthen the state’s insurance regulations, appropriate a portion of the state’s annual budget surplus to provide permanent funding for the “Grow South Dakota” economic development program, and revise the state’s bank franchise tax.

During the first week of session, 64 bills were introduced in the house and 65 bills were introduced in the senate. Most of the bills were pre-filed state agency bills and summer study bills. On Friday, house and senate committees began holding hearings on the pre-filed bills.

Although the SD Constitution authorizes the legislature to meet 40 days each year, the legislature is scheduled to meet only 38 days this year, beginning January 14 and ending March 31. There are nine weeks of session. The legislature will meet 4 days per week (either Tuesday thru Friday or Monday thru Thursday) except during the final week of session when it will meet 5 days. The final day of regular session is March 14. The legislature will then recess for two weeks and return on March 31 to consider any vetoes.

Below are the deadlines for legislative action on bills:

  • Feb. 4 Final day for introduction of individual bills and joint resolutions;

  • Feb. 5 Final day for introduction of committee bills and joint resolutions;

  • Feb. 24 Last day to move required delivery of bills or resolutions by committee

to the house of origin;

  • Feb. 25 Last day to pass bills or joint resolutions by the house of origin;

  • Mar. 10 Last day to move required delivery of bills or resolutions by committee

  • to the second house;

  • Mar. 11 Last day for a bill or joint resolution to pass both houses;

  • Mar. 12-14 Reserved for concurrences or action on conference committee;

  • Mar. 17-28 Recess;

  • Mar. 31 Final day of a legislative session; reserved for consideration of vetoes.

None of the bills introduced this week appeared to be of special interest to licensed beverage dealers.